Nothing to see here.
Damn... this background is bright.
Let's fix that.
Much better.
You can keep waiting, but there's really nothing to see here.
You're a patient one, aren't you?
Still, nothing is going to happen. You can wait ages if you want to.
Ok, have it your way. Keep waiting then.
Oh, look. A bird.
Fair enough, it was actually a V. But with a bit of imagination it could have been a bird!
Ok, with a good amount of imagination...
I'm done now. Have a nice day.
You're still here?!
Again, I'm done. So goodbye.
Why are you still here?!
I said...
Ok. Then stay. But all you'll be doing is staring at a screen with some text.
Well, at least you're committed. Have fun doing this.
No honestly, have fun.
Enjoy it, knowing you could have done so many other things instead.
Feel your time being wasted.
Well, at least thanks for letting me help you waste your time.
I am going to spend my time elsewhere though.
So have fun looking at your screen without new text appearing.
I'm sorry that it had to end already.
So yet again: Goodbye, have a nice day!
For real.